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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tusk gives report

It's the same in Poland as the U.S. Politicians in the spin zone talking out of both sides of their mouth.

Briefing Parliament on his cabinet's year in office Prime Minister Donald Tusk has said his government has registered important successes in foreign policy.

Tusk recalled that thanks to dialogue with Moscow a part of restrictions imposed by Russia on Polish food imports were lifted. Russia trumped up the reasons to stop import of Polish meat in the first place in retaliation for Polish Policies not to the liking of Moscow. In fact, Russia threatened to ban imports of meat products from Romania and Bulgaria in 2007 once these countries joined the EU members. The hardship for Poland and its livestock producers was the credibility issue over healthy Polish meat on the world market. A jaundice eye was placed on Poland because of the Russian boycott. Thus, hurting farm export income. Economic warfare from Russia and nothing less. It should have been dealt with in that manner. The school yard bully will be back with more intimidation.

Improvement of relations with Russia is one of the government's foreign policy priorities, the premier declared. He said his cabinet began dialogue with Belarus, aimed at reinforcing democratization processes there as well as an effective protection of the interests of the Polish ethnic minority in Belarus. If this is so, the anti-missile shield program flies in the face of good relations between Moscow and Warsaw. And swaying Belarus toward democracy??? It's like sticking a needle in Putin's eye. Some American observers say Obama's first test in office will be squarely placed on the Eastern Polish border facing Russia.

Tusk described as revolutionary his government's actions cutting red tape in business activity. Thanks to lowering taxes, as of next year a total of 35 billion zlotys, or over 9 billion euro, will remain in taxpayers' wallets. He admitted that some of these cuts were proposed and enacted during the rule of the Law and Justice party but his party backed those changes and expects that today's opposition in parliament will support projects which benefit Poland. There ya go taking credit for the conservative government plans and actions taken before Tusk took the oath.

Never thought I'd see the day when a French President seemed like the only sane world leader on the planet. The wild & crazy Hungarian guy Sarkozy -- more power to 'im.

In the old days Poland elected their Kings. Sometimes foreign ones. I say make Sarkozy an offer.


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