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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Search for Copernicus

Polish archaeologists have launched a search for the grave of anuncle of Nicolaus Copernicus in hopes the relative's DNA can confirmthat remains they found last year are indeed those of the 16th-century astronomer.

Poles are almost sure they found Copernicus's remains last year.

The team began its search this week for the coffin of Bishop LukaszWatzenrode, who was Copernicus' maternal uncle and who was buried in1512 in a crypt under the floor of the Roman Catholic cathedral inFrombork, about 180 miles north of the capital, Warsaw.
Other bishops and priests were buried in the crypt after Watzenrode,making the search to find him difficult.

Last year, Poles discovered remains in the church theybelieve to be those of Copernicus, the astronomer who challenged theancient belief that the sun revolved around the earth. He died in1543 at the age of 70 and was buried in the Frombork cathedral.

After the remains were found last year, forensic experts used theskull to reconstruct a face which closely resembled the features andthe broken nose on a self-portrait of Copernicus.
The skull bears a cut mark above the left eye that corresponds with ascar on the self-portrait and experts determined that it belonged toa man who died aged about 70.

After I die; however, let me R.I.P. Don't go disturbing my bones. I don't know why confirming rotted flesh to be Copernicus' is so damn important.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Hands off Polish condoms

Poland makes pretty good condoms. That's why Australia's Ansell Ltd, the world's top maker of latex gloves, was disappointed having to scrap a bid to buy Polish condom maker Unimil SA after failing to get the minimum 80 percent of shares it required.

Ansell tendered an offer for Unimil in July worth up to 109 million zloty ($57.55 million), or 53 zloty per share, as part of a drive to expand its reach into Poland and Germany. The stock for Unimil closed at 52.7 zloty recently.

Basically the Polish stockholders didn't think they were getting a big bang for their buck, er zloty. (no pun intended)

The offer expired on Friday.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Where have all the young girls gone?

Poland’s joining the EU has some benefits and some liabilities for Poles. But, the net effect seems to be a huge benefit for single guys all over Western Europe.

For instance, farmers in Western Europe are looking to Poland to find the women of their dreams. Now that Poland joined the European Union their farms are being flooded with pretty Polish girls came to the West to work in the fields. The farmers saw not only hard workingwomen bur also women of absolute beauty and women who were a pleasure to be around. And now they're looking to Poland to find a wife.

French farmers, in particular, are enchanted by Polish women. They are rejecting the French women as too haughty, finicky, picky and demanding. They want Polish women.
French women look down on farmers even though the farmers are young, handsome, and wealthy. French women want more out of life than to be the wife of a rich, handsome farmer who is raking in the money from the European Union farm subsidies.
But to a Polish woman being such a wife would be a dream come true. And to French farmers having a beautiful young Polish wife is a dream come true, also.

Marriage agencies in the West are flooded by requests from farmers looking for Polish women to be their wives. Web sites such as the Poland woman web site that is
here are also heavily visited by Europeans looking for women from Poland to marry.

French men tend to be 25 to 40 years old, wealthy and good-looking. German men tend to the 50 plus years old and financially stable.

Poland has been experiencing a heavy exodus of its young and talented people to the West for work. Added to this exodus is now an exodus of its beautiful young women to the West to marry rich Europeans.

This exodus can only benefit all countries in Europe as the cross cultural ties between Poland and the European countries increase with the emigration of Polish women for marriage and of the young and talented people for work.

Meeting places for these people are most often found on the Internet. One of the most popular places to meet a Polish woman for marriage can be seen at
this link.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Polish Earthquake

Here in Toledo it's just after 11pm. In Poland it is already Wednesday, August 9 and at 5:45am Poznan time, Poland experienced an earthquake. The magnitude was 4.5 centered about 75 miles south, southwest of Poznan and 215 miles south, southwest of Warsaw. The exact location - 51.451°N, 16.190°E.

A 4.5 islightlyly below the moderate classification of earthquakes.

Since 1990 there have been hundreds of small and light earthquakes in this region of Poland. Most of the rest of the country is not prone to any seismicity.

Earthquakes below 5.0 usually cause no structural damage.