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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Build That Wall

Until construction of Trump's southern border wall in the U.S. is completed, the longest fence ever constructed might be a fence along almost the entire length of Poland’s eastern border to protect the country from  African Swine Fever disease-carrying wild boar.
Construction should begin this year. Costing more than $70 million the proposed fence will stretch close to 800 miles following Poland’s border with Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, but not Lithuania.  
Eastern Hog Fence Boundary

Standing six feet high, the fence will also be buried into the ground to stop industrious boar tunneling underneath it.

Although not dangerous to humans, African Swine Fever can devastate pig populations owing to a mortality rate that can hit 100 per cent. As a consequence, it poses a series risk to Poland’s lucrative and expanding pork industry. The disease is also now endemic in the Russian Federation, and there is no vaccine against it.

At least Poland has a plan for stopping undocumented wild pigs.