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Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Right, right - Left, wrong

When conservative PiS was elected to the first majority since free elections in 1989, most folks on the left side of the political spectrum forecast a sputtering economic climate for Poland. However, quite the opposite is the case.

The rating agency Moody's has recently adjusted upwards the economic forecast for Poland as domestic demand and overall fiscal performance outpace most other EU countries.

The Polish economy grew at 3.9 per cent in the second quarter, which outperformed previous expectations. Now, there is a good chance full year growth may post a 4.3% increase making Poland the envy of other countries around the world.
Mo' money, Mo' money, Mo' money

Predictions of economic growth seem to be continually readjusted upward by significant gains even though many economists warned that the right-wing Law and Justice party’s 2015 election victory would damage Poland’s economy.

Unlike debt redden America, Poland is on pace to limit their deficit to 2.5% of GDP down from an earlier forecast of 2.7%.

Poland continues to attract foreign companies to relocate there and there is no signs of a slowdown. 

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