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Friday, July 08, 2016

Russia is hungry like the bear. It has a voracious appetite that can gobble up provinces and still have enough room in its belly to devour thousands of military defenders without even having to breathe between bites. Obama at the bi-annual meeting of NATO nations held in Warszawa this week indicated that the U.S. would send a measly battalion of around 1,000 troops to Poland as a show of force and to act as a deterrent to the beast of the east.

The announcement follows previous plans NATO established allocating just four new battalions for northeastern Europe, one of which will go to each of the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and one to Poland. The Article 5 commitment to the region is like putting a tiny little Chihuahua on duty to guard the house when a Doberman would be more appropriate.

All this threat and a vast majority of EU nations still do not meet their obligations to spend at least 2% of their GDP on military preparedness.

Remember the good ol' days after the break-up of the Soviet Union and Boris Yeltsin a shit faced harmless fuzz ball that posed no threat to the world?