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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Richest man in Poland dies

The richest man in Poland Jan Kulczyk, a businessman and philanthropist, died Wednesday in Vienna, Austria, from complications of cardiac surgery. He donated $5.5 million to build the Museum of the History of Polish Jews. Despite not being Jewish, he's was the largest single grant from a private donor and allowed the museum, which opened in April 2013, to finish building the core exhibition.

Jan Kulczyk
Kulczyk, Poland’s wealthiest citizen, according to Forbes magazine, was the founder and owner of Kulczyk Holdings and the international investment house Kulczyk Investments.
In 2012, Poland bestowed a Patron of Culture medal on Kulczyk for supporting the museum. An auditorium at the museum bears his name.

“Jan Kulczyk helped us when we were in greatest need,” museum representatives said in a statement. “His name will not be forgotten.”

Still a ship building nation

Gone are the days of the Lenin Shipyard where Lech Wałęsa lead Solidarność to overcome communist control of Poland and eventually lead other Eastern Block nations to democracy.

Since that time Poland has joined the EU and one of the concessions it had to make was closing down shipyards in Gdańsk and Szczecin.

But, Poland is still in the ship building business. Not only has it become the yacht manufacturing capital of Europe, it also continues to build large craft for commercial use.

Polish built ferry

B.C. Ferries out of British Columbia, Canada  has ordered three new ferries to add to their fleet, which are being built in Poland. Three new ships will be named the Salish Orca, Eagle and Raven and each will display an individual traditional First Nations design inside and out.

“These names honor the Coast Salish people and truly reflect both the west coast travel experience and the culture of B.C.,” B.C. Ferries president and chief executive officer Mike Corrigan said Tuesday morning.

Salish is the class name, which applies to all three of the intermediate-class vessels. The other names are descriptive.

Boy have things changed since the fall of socialism in Poland. And, people here are rallying for Bernie Sanders? Given the history of the Eastern Block and now Venezuela - Good luck finding a roll of toilet paper under the socialist banner. Bernie, you can wipe my dupa.

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Jaguars made in Poland?

The British automaker Jaguar has made Poland one of two finalists for an auto factory involving more than 7 billion zloty ($1.85 billion) in investments,  according to Deputy Prime Minister Janusz Piechocinski. Poland is competing with Slovakia to provide a site for the plant, which would produce 350,000 vehicles a year starting in 2019.

The project would be “the biggest investment in the car manufacturing industry in Poland,” Piechocinski said Friday.

Jaguar opened a plant in China last year its first outside the U.K. with capacity to build 130,000 vehicles annually, the division’s first factory outside the U.K. It’s also building a factory in Brazil scheduled to open in 2016.

Auto manufacturers with plants in Poland include General Motors and Fiat-Chrysler.

Poland integrates immigants

Ambassador Sobków
Responding to the liberal U.K. newspaper the Guardian Ambassador Witold Sobków  had his response published today.

Having read your article (‘Poles don’t want immigrants. They don’t understand them, don’t like them’, 2 July), let me assure you that the Solidarność generation is “eager to prove its own solidarity”, but the expression of such solidarity must be multidimensional. The article does not mention at all what Poland has been doing for immigrants and refugees from eastern Europe.

As our frontier is also the EU external eastern border, we successfully integrate thousands of people who have come to Poland from eastern Europe and have found their home in our country. Some have Polish roots or have relatives in Poland, like the group recently evacuated from Donbass, fleeing the fighting with Russia-backed separatists. Others simply want to settle down in my country, like the Vietnamese community. About half a million Ukrainians live and work in Poland, and they are welcome, which is not well known in the west.

Despite little enthusiasm for a mandatory quota system imposed on us, Poland is willing to respond positively and to welcome some refugees from other regions than eastern Europe. We are working on procedural and legal aspects of such a decision. We need a complex endeavour to identify migrants who really need to be protected and to prepare centres that would house them. We await some financial, operational and legal guidelines from the commission.

If the conflict in eastern Ukraine escalated (let’s hope not), the Polish-Ukrainian border might be crossed by hundreds of thousands of refugees. We believe in solidarity, solidarity for all.

Witold Sobków
Ambassador of the Republic of Poland

Sanctuary Cities

There are no Sanctuary cities in Poland, consequently nobody is being killed by illegal aliens in Poland.

Thanks to the idiotic policies of a liberal / progressive administration, here is a long list of American police officers and citizens (some as young as 3 years old) who have been killed by illegals who should not be in this country in the first place.


Woman of Mexican heritage memorializes Americans killed by
illegal immigrants

Maria Espinoza, the director of the Remembrance project that memorializes Americans who were killed by illegal immigrants, told Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon that such crimes “happen every day” in America, even in states far from the border. But the mainstream media, Espinoza said, often do not report on illegal immigrants who have murdered Americans in states like Virginia, Tennessee, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, and Washington.

Espinoza said incidents remain local ones and are “shared” and actually suppressed. 

“We don’t even hear the person was here illegally in the country,” she said. 

Wilkerson told the harrowing tale of how her 18-year-old son was killed on what started out as “just a normal school day.” Wilkerson’s maternal instinct took over when her son did not answer a text from her around 1:30 pm and she went to the school to look for him. While driving around, Wilkerson saw her son’s truck parked by a dumpster at a strip mall. After police found her son’s backpack and shoes in the dumpster, she suspected the worst.

Wilkerson would later find out that an illegal alien, who would  have been eligible for citizenship under the DREAM Act, brutally murdered her son after he offered to give him a ride home. The illegal alien would later testify–without showing remorse–that he punched her son so hard in the nose that he went blind and kicked him in the stomach so hard that Josh’s liver and spleen sliced. After ultimately strangling Josh to death, the illegal immigrant then tied Josh up, took him to a field, doused him with gas and burned him. The illegal immigrant was sentenced to life in prison this January.