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Friday, August 08, 2014

30 pieces of silver

The DOW hit its lowest point since April and Poland is set to lose close to $800 million in fruit and vegetable exports to Moscow as Western nations because of the Ukrainian conflict impose sanctions against Russia who in turn imposes bans on imports .  In addition, the dominance of the USD  as the world's trade currency is threatened by Russia and the rest of the BRIC's.

Ah, but the Canadian pig farmers who's pork has also been banned by Russia will simply look East to China's 1.3 billion consumers.

Like Toledo's contaminated water supply caused by perennial algae blooms in the western basin of Lake Erie - Governments didn't heed the warnings blatantly obvious to the casual observer or have an alternative plan ready to compensate for the dire situation.

The question is will the EU and other Western nations do the right thing or like Judas place more value on economic benefit turning their backs on Ukraine after delivering the kiss of death?

It is the job of government to see and hit targets beyond the horizon. Once it was only a United States problem, but now it seems the rest of Western civilization suffers from the Pearl Harbor syndrome. The word preemption is in the dictionary and politicians ought to become familiar with its definition.  

Like Judas perhaps Western leaders will hang themselves out of remorse following the betrayal of Ukrainians. I doubt it.

Update 08-10-2014:

Poland has asked the United States to open its market quickly to Polish apples banned by Russia. The United States severely restricts imports of fresh fruit and vegetables from the European Union, including EU member Poland; however, there are exceptions and Poland exports peppers and broccoli to the US market while Italy exports apples and pears.

Poland is by far the leading exporter of apples in Europe, ahead of Italy and France.

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