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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

To Have, and Have Not

38% of Poles believe that Poland should seek allies in the European Union once the United States resigned its anti-missile shield plans.

28% said Poland should become neutral. 13% are for continuation of alliance with the United States while 10% said Poland should propose a new approach to relations with Russia. 11% of the pollees did not offer any opinion according to polling agency PAP.

President Obama announced on Sept. 17 that the United States abandoned plans for a large missile defense shield in eastern Europe.

Under the Polish-U.S. accord signed last year, 10 ground base interceptors were to be installed in Redzikowo, northern Poland, as part of a larger system that would include a radar system in the Czech Republic, to counter emerging missile threats from rogue state.

The U.S. plan has angered Russia, which deemed 10 defensive rockets a serious threat to its national security and arsenal of 2,000 ICBMs.

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Need for Speed

Coming sooner to Poland than America is a network of high speed intercity rail service. Recently the Polish government announced it plans to launch high-speed trains in 2018 with construction starting in 2014.

The first trains will travel at up to 150 miles per hour and will link Warsaw with the central city of Lodz, the western city Poznan and the southwest city Wroclaw.

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