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Friday, September 14, 2007

Katyn Forest Find

Like Nazi atrocities during WWII, the USSR is not without its sins. For those unfamiliar with Katyn Forest Massacre - google it.

An ID tag belonging to a Polish soldier gone missing in the Soviet Union in 1940 has been dug up in Bykownia near Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. A group of Polish archeologists found the tag belonging to sergeant major Naglik. Naglik's name was on the list of 3,435 Polish POWs, who, according to documents had been transported from prison to prison.

No written evidence of what happened to Polish soldiers later has been found yet. The ID tag is the first proof that part of the victims of the Katyn Forest Massacre were murdered in the Ukrainian capital, before they were buried in mass graves in Bykownia. The forest near Bykownia is one of the most well known spots of Stalinist crimes on the territory of Ukraine. The number of victims buried there is estimated at up to 100,000 people.


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