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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Polish Stork Cam

Thousands of bird lovers are homing in on a nest on top of a chimney in western Poland thanks to a webcam giving an online glimpse of the trials and tribulations of two pairs of storks.

Last year, 1.4 million visitors saw the website of Hubert Kalinski, the brains behind www.bociany.kalinski.pl.

Denny's note: The webcam pictures are good quality with a high speed connection, but you'll probably have to download a special codec. There is a link for this just under the frame where the pictures appear. Download it and click run. Install the file, then refresh the page. I can't even read Polish, but found it easy to do. If you use Windows Media Player - click the windows logo for the download of the codec.

Two couples are battling it out to occupy the nest this year. The first of them arrived at the end of March.

The nest sits on top of the chimney of a house in Chyby, a small village near Poznan in western Poland. More storks live in Poland than any other country after winter vacations in the north of Africa.

Source: AFP 4-4-07


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