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Saturday, June 04, 2016

Hell’s Angels meet in Poland

Many international organizations hold confabs around the world. For instance during the second week in July NATO will hold its 2016 summit at the National Stadium in Warszawa where heads of state and military personnel will gather.

Another group drawing its members from around the world are also meeting in Poland - this weekend.

Hell's Angels meet in Poland July 2016

Poland’s deputy police chief, Inspector Andrzej Szymczyk, reported that thousands of police officers have been assigned to keep tabs on a incredibly large number of Hell's Angels expected to flock to Rynia, Poland [near Warszawa] for an annual international meeting.

Polish authorities have warned they will closely monitor the situation amid fears of a surge of crime and violence during the Hell’s Angels World Run.

The Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club is considered an organized crime syndicate by the American Department of Justice.



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