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Wednesday, April 06, 2016

The night they drove ol' Dixie down

The post-bellum lyrics from the Joan Baez song from the 1960s. Now, it is popular to remove all symbols of the Confederacy from every corner of America.

In Poland, the government plans to demolish about 500 Soviet monuments throughout the country. This is really pissing off the Russians.

Lukasz Kaminsky of the the Institute of National Remembrance - whose institute is responsible for investigating crimes against the Polish nation - said that plans for the demolition of the monuments, would be sent to local authorities in the coming weeks.

Poland tearing down, removing, demolishing, destroying Russian war monuments on Polish soil. Liberals and progressives have a problem with this. Not so much with symbols of Dixie. The hypocrisy of this and many other stances and beliefs border on mental disease.
To be consistent let's destroy every vestige of Roman Imperial dominance including the word Roman from the Holy ____ Catholic Church.

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