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Friday, April 22, 2016

No other place better for Jews in EU

Matthew Tymand posted on Breitbart-London : Despite the Western narrative that suggests Polish anti-Semitism is rampant, Poland is one of the best – if not the best – nations in Europe in which to be Jewish today. This is also true for Tartar Muslims as can be seen in this previous post

For hundreds of years while Jews were placed in ghettos or expelled from places like Spain, Italy and other European countries, they found refuge in a pluralistic and welcoming Poland.

Nazi atrocities  killed both 3 million Jews and 3 million Catholic Poles during their brutal occupation of Poland. Many Catholic Poles were executed for harboring and hiding Jews during World War II. Gentiles who hid or saved Jews during World War II from Nazi genocide are recognized by Israel’s Yad Vashem institute as “Righteous Among the Nations”.  More than 6,600 Poles have been honored with the title - outnumbering any other nationality.  See this post on the topic

The author goes on to say: "When looking at contemporary Europe – as now currently dominated by the European Union (EU) leviathan – the most obvious point of distinction as to why being Jewish in Poland is a delight versus say, in France or in Belgium, is that Poland is filled with Poles who have successfully co-existed with Jews for centuries in a commonwealth of openness. This is as opposed to most other EU nations, especially from Germany westward, that have welcomed into their borders a culturally suicidal mass migration of Muslims from third world, theocratic states whose foundational tenet is anti-Semitism....  in a nation of 40 million it is intellectually dishonest and mathematically fraudulent to suggest the numbers prove that systemic and institutionalised anti-Semitism was a policy of Poles; the suggestion that anti-Semitism was always the rule and never the exception is usually being made by those looking to further a political agenda."

Read the entire article: 

Poland Is Now One Of The Best Nations In Which To Be Jewish


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