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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Not quite older than dirt

In the north of Poland pyramids an incredible 600 years older than those in Egypt have been uncovered. Archaeologists believe they may have been built circa 3000 BC (about the same time as Stonehenge in England). This discover strengthens the case of ancient sites in Europe.

Numbers on scan show pyramid sites

Experts say 7 were found near the village of Słonowice using laser technology. They are several meters in height and made using huge stone blocks. Used as funeral chambers for elders of the Funnel Beaker Culture community, the inner chambers were constructed using wooden logs instead of stones and were hidden under earth in a forested area.

Like the pyramids in Egypt, the structures are heavily influenced by astronomy and are placed along the east-west line, with the entrance to the tomb’s chamber always on the east side.

There may be as much as a dozen more in Dolic and in the Skronie forest near Kołobrzeg.

It is time to challenge what we think we know about ancient history. Mankind's development may be cyclical rather than linear. Perhaps global catastrophes wiped out the progress our ancient ancestors achieved. 
And, speaking of pyramids... more from Poland...
Polish pyramid cakes not quite so old
Like snowflakes - no two alike

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