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Tuesday, March 08, 2016

My Body - No Choice

LifeNews.com reports that hundreds of pro-abortion advocates marched down the streets of Warsaw to demand that the pro-life country legalize abortions and pay for them, as well.

A potential baby killer?

Radio Poland reports the pro-abortion group organized its demonstration as a counter protest to a pro-life march. The theme of the pro-abortion march was “Abortion in Defense of Life” – a theme that pro-lifers called out as contradictory, according to the report.

Unlike most of Europe, Poland protects unborn babies from abortion in most cases. The country allows abortion in cases of rape or incest, incurable defects or danger to the woman’s life. According to The Daily Mail, pro-abortion protesters said they were concerned that the conservative Law and Justice political party, which currently is in control of the Polish legislature, could toughen these abortion laws.

During the rally, pro-abortion advocates held signs that read “We demand legal, free abortion, free creches and kindergartens.” Reports showed two women dressed as pregnant nuns to mock the Catholic Church’s pro-life position, holding a sign that read, “Our priest ordered us to give birth.”

 If a woman has complete choice of what to do with her body, why do we still prosecute them for putting heron, cocaine or other illicit drugs into it? 


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