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Monday, December 14, 2015

Poland to become EU Transportation Hub

With the help of EU funding Poland is modernizing its roads, railways, airports and seaports to be a “pan-European” transportation hub.

“Poland is a gateway to Europe thanks to its strategic location and developed infrastructure,” Polish Ambassador Krzysztof Ignacy Majka said at an investment seminar titled “Poland as a Pan-European Transportation Hub” convened in Seoul last week.  He went on to say, “We offer optimal conditions for transport to all corners of Europe, being at the crossroads of the East-West corridor connecting the Baltic Sea and the North Sea and the North-South corridor linking the Baltic Sea and the Adriatic Sea.”

Express route to EU from China terminating in Łódź

Poland has focused on its intermodal transport capacities by developing logistics centers. Recently,  transcontinental rail connections from Chengdu China to Łódź and access to the deep-water container terminal at Gdansk Seaport improved. In the past an impediment to transport by rail was caused by the gauge differences in railway tracks among nations. Standardization on speed routes will overcome the impairment.

Joining the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank spearheaded by China will also aid in the connectivity between Europe and Asia. 

The plan also also initiates numerous projects that would enhance connections between Warsaw and main cities through roads and expressways.


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