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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Down with Polish debt

America's credit rating was lowered in 2011. Poland is a candidate to have its credit rating raised in 2012.

America keeps borrowing more and more. Poland keeps borrowing less and less.

Currently, Poland borrows about a nickel per dollar while America borrows over 40 cents per dollar spent.

According to Polish Finance Minister Jan Vincent-Rostowski - Poland will trim its public deficit to 1% of gross domestic product in 2015 (a penny per dollar).

How many Congressmen does it take to screw in a light bulb the public in America?

Gas of a lesser cost

To protest rising gasoline prices, Poles have taken to the streets and highways... in there cars.

A significant number of drivers in Poland are downright indignant over rising gas prices. So in true Polish style they staged a protest across the country. Yesterday they drove at a snail's pace and snarled key routes in a show of frustration.

News station TVN24 reported the protests took place in dozens of cities as drivers slowed down to 20 miles per hour, the minimum legal limit, on certain highways to pressure the government to do something about rising gas costs.

Gasoline costs about $1.75 per liter in Poland, which is among one of the lower rates in Europe.

Recently, however, after the introduction of new taxes the price of fuel has begun to rise which has angered motorists.

If Americans slowed down, perhaps we would see action on the Keystone pipeline construction put on hold by the administration and the opening of oil sands, oil shale, more gulf drilling and the Alaska ANWR. Then we would have energy security and increased domestic production, which would increase supplies and lower prices.