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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New 2nd Amendment in Poland?

New Justice Minister Andrzej Czuma says he is strongly in favor of the right to possess arms for defensive use in Poland.

"I believe that the right to possess weapons at home should be extended. Decisions on that matter should be made by local governments," explained the Justice Minister who takes his post in the Ministry after the resignation of Zbigniew Cwiakalski.

"The right to defence is not as evil as it is often presented. I am deeply concerned that courts in Poland interpret this right in such a narrow way," Czuma added.

Source: thenews.pl 23.01.2009

Communist and socialist governments don't take too kindly to citizens packing heat. But, given the length of time Poland broke the chains of tyranny - You'd think this would have been addressed earlier. Some mind sets take generations to change. We'll be finding that out shortly in America.

Look at this video from the U.K. regarding their mistake on arms:

And this from Post Katrina Gun Confiscation:

Kuklinski, Ryszard Kuklinski - Double O Siedem

War Games, the film based on the life of spy Ryszard Kuklinski and one of the most eagerly awaited documentaries ever made in Poland, has gone on general release in Polish cinemas.

The American premiere of the movie took place last December at the CIA headquarters in Langley, VA, preceded by a closed screening for active CIA agents.

The film tells the story of Colonel Ryszard Kuklinski, who passed top secret Warsaw Pact documents to the CIA between 1971 and 1981, including plans for a military onslaught on the West and for the imposition of martial law in Poland to crush the Solidarity movement.

Shortly after the declaration of martial law in December 1981, Kuklinski was extracted from Poland by the CIA, along with his family. In 1984, a military court in Warsaw sentenced him to death. The sentence was annulled after the fall of communism. Kuklinski died in Florida in 2004.

See Update and new theatrical film about Kuklinski, Jack Strong

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ain't Got No Economic Crisis

While the rest of the world is facing economic meltdown - Poland's economic situation is holding up rather nicely, thank you.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development states that the reaction of Poland's economy to the global financial crisis will be less sudden and less harmful than in other countries of Europe.

According to EBRD specialists, Poland will be among the few countries, where the crisis will only show a slowing in the economic growth rate rather than negative numbers.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Promoter Don King Turns to Polish Fighter

Never mind Don King holding Polish flags....

The most prestigious magazine about boxing "The Ring" awarded Polish boxer and IBF Champion Tomasz Adamek their “Championship Belt” confired by a jury of world class boxing experts.

It is one of the most important awards for a boxer, because it means that he must be the best. Adamek, who is World Champion of IBF, is recognized all over the world, thanks to television networks like: ESPN and HBO (USA) or BBC (Great Britain).

Careful on the London Tube

A Polish immigrant woman in the U.K who was forced to give birth on the London Underground has revealed how she was sent away from a leading maternity hospital, St. Mary's where both of Diana's princes were delivered.

Julita Kowalska, 26, became the first woman in 84 years giving birth in the subway when her daughter Jennifer was born at Kingsbury, North London, on the evening of December 19 last year.

Earlier that night Julita had been taken by ambulance from her home in North London, to St Mary’s Hospital in West London, but was refused admittance being told not to come back "every time you have pain". Obviously nurses did not think she was in labor.
Julita, who has lived in the UK for 18 months, then walked a quarter of a mile to Paddington station, ran to board a car -- at a transfer point her water broke.
With hundreds of passers-by only the station staff and one young Hungarian man stopped to help Julita on to a bench on the platform. A member of staff called 999 (England's 911) but the ambulance was delayed because the emergency service operator said he "could not find Kingsbury station on our system". It arrived 24 minutes later.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Poles not Impressed with Obama Inaugural Speech

The inauguration speech was a disappointment, different Polish experts said on Polish Radio. What about the policy of the new administration, will it really bring any change internationally?

Joanna Najfeld reports:

Americans gathered at the inauguration ceremony no to listen to what the new president says, but how he says it, explains political studies expert Wojciech Jabłoński. In his opinion, the widely publicized inaugural speech sounded more like an election campaign speech:

'You can still sense that old Obama - the candidate, like he was right after he won the elections, when he got carried away with the wave of enthusiasm and hope. And this time he used some realistic ideas, to which nobody paid attention, because most of Obama's followers are convinced he will make it. And for those few in the crowd, who still need to be encouraged, Obama makes those idealistic undertones - all the talk about change and being able to make it together,' Jabłoński said.

American Studies expert Krzysztof Michałek says the 44th inaugural speech in based on the speeches of previous presidents: 'Franklin Delano Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy in particular. There was no single idea by Barack Obama himself. In this respect, the speech was disappointing,' said Michałek.

Professor Zbigniew Lewicki, American Studies expert at Warsaw University is also disappointed at the inaugural speech of Barrack Obama. The leader lost everything that Americans thought was charming about him, says the professor:

'He turned into Champaign without bubbles. At the beginning, he was greeted by huge applause. He couldn't say a word. Everybody was chanting "Obama! Obama! Obama!". But when he started speaking, there was weak applause only twice. The enthusiasm just wasn't there, he did not mesmerize the crowd. That speech lacked what everyone was waiting for - for Obama to show them that he will lead them in a good direction,' Lewicki explained.

The poor speech caused the stock indices to plummet: 'The indices fell by over 3% in reaction to his speech. And they should soar, at least for ten minutes. The Wall Street clearly said "no, that's not it!" So what kind of prognosis for the future is this? You can make the first impression only once. And the first impression he made was not what we expected,' Lewicki added.

But what will the new US policy be like? In the opinion of American Studies PhD Tomasz Płudowski, Barrack Hussein Obama's rule will be quite similar to the policy of George W. Bush. 'It won't be that leftist as has been expected during the campaign, nor will it be so radically different from the policy of George W. Bush,' Płudowski said.

Especially the international policy is not about to change, says professor Zbigniew Lewicki: 'He said the US would withdraw from Iraq slowly, and would win in Afghanistan. This is not a policy of drastic change, and that's good. But it also means we should be concerned about Obama's abilities to solve issues effectively.'

Tomasz Płudowski does not expect the US to get any closer to Poland. Americans are too busy with their domestic issues, he explains. Michał Kaminski of the chancellery of Poland's president Lech Kaczynski is more hopeful: 'Myself, as well as very many of my fellow countrymen, would like to see Poland's visa problem solved during this term.'

Polish president, Lech Kaczynski, who is looking forward to meet Mr. Obama in person, emphasized that what is really importnat to Poland is the issue of American missile defense shield.

'The United States remain our strategic partner. And we are hoping very much that what was agreed on during the presidency of Mr. George W. Bush will continue to be realized. And I would also like to use this opportunity to send my regards to President George W. Bush,' said President Kaczynski.

[Polish News in English Language from Radio Polskie]

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Blog 27 - #@%#*

This is a bit strange.

A Polish Rock group called Blog 27 released an album with Parental Avisory warning plastered on the front cover. The next thing you know a kid's TV show awards the group's lead singer named Tola an award.

Then again, looking at this side of the pond - kids are listening to Avril Lavigne's hit song and music video "Girlfriend" in which she exclains "Hell yeah, I'm a Motherf**kin' princess.

So, I had to dig out my dusty copy of "I Dig Rock 'n' Roll Music" by Peter, Paul and Mary to remember the old days. At least there you had to read between the lines.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Hollywood goes to Poland

Warner Bros. a studio founded by a couple of Polish brothers originally from Youngstown, Ohio like other movie/television studios is laying off hundreds of people at its Burbank headquarters.

Many cuts will impact significant numbers of "back office" workers in management information systems, finance and accounting.

Many of those jobs will be outsourced to Poland and India, according to people familiar with the situation. Once Warner finalizes its plans, it will conduct training sessions with the outsource workers at its Burbank lot as well as at its various offices around the world.

Russia - Blow it out your GAS

Polish Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy Waldemar Pawlak told the parliament that energy companies have committed to building 25,000 megawatts of new energy powers. He highlighted that a large part of Polish energy may be obtained from renewable source till 2020.

"It is time to promote energy-saving energy sources and receiver. Poland is among the countries the least dependant on others in terms of energy, as we have own resources" Pawlak underlined.

"Energy security means guaranteed supplies in guaranteed price" the Polish Deputy Prime Minister said referring to the gas conflict between Russia and Ukraine. "This year should see Poland basing energy security on the country's own resources" he declared.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Poland's bison hunkering down for winter

Five hundred tonnes of hay and beets have been prepared for the winter months by employees of the Bialowieski National Park (BPN) to feed Poland's precious bison herd maintained there.

The director of the bison care facility at BPN, Jerzy Dackiewicz, claims that the recent drastic fall in temperatures means that the stocked food will be all the more necessary. The park has been feeding the bison throughout the winter months at a special feeding grounds for several years.

"If it is a light winter, we still prepare the food, but they prefer to graze naturally out in the fields and forest on grass and young trees," added Dackiewicz.

Park employees also intend to count the herd of endangered bison this year. If such weather – cold and frost – remains, then the herd will be fully counted in two weeks and results will be announced at the end of January. Current bison-count is approximately 450 animals.

The Bialowieska National Park is an internationally recognised protected area for this breed of bison. In the year 1929, the facilities for maintaining a herd of the endangered species were opened and the herd was started with only three bison. The park extends across the Polish border into Belarus.

Source: thenews.pl 07.01.2009

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

More Polish Troops to Afghanistan

Defense Minister Bogdan Klich says Poland may send 400-600 additional troops to Afghanistan, raising its total number to over 2,000.

The government is prepared to review the Afghan mission's effectiveness this month and depending on the result may opt for increasing the number of troops.

In October, Poland took command of security in the Afghan province of Ghazni, a volatile area two hour's drive southwest of Kabul, freeing up U.S. forces.

The United States has made repeated appeals for its NATO allies to send more troops to Afghanistan and allow those there to engage in combat missions without the restrictions that some European nations place on their soldiers.

Paris has sent 700 extra French troops to a valley in the east which is a stronghold of Taliban allies.


Polish businesses are not afraid of economic crisis! What crisis?

Polish entrepreneurs view 2009 with much hope. They plan further investments and anticipate job reductions will not exceed 1-2%.

This optimism is reflected in a recent survey by the Marketing Research Center showing that the majority of managers positively assess the condition of their companies. 70% of those polled expect a repeat or even an improvement of the results from 2008, while every seventh entrepreneur even plans to increase employment.

Mateusz Szczurek, head analyst at the ING bank, says the results of the poll augur well for the state of the economy: `Cutting interest rates, greater optimism among entrepreneurs, consumption demand - all these factors can help ease the problems facing Poland's economy.'

According to the poll, every fourth company plans new investments for 2009 and only 2%consider suspending open projects.

Source: Polish Radio 03.01.2009

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