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Monday, July 21, 2008

EU Constitution - Now the Irish Reject

Irish this time instead of Poles say nie to EU Constitution Approval.

Fifty two percent of Poles think that the president should sign the Lisbon Treaty. According to a poll by the CBOS Institute, 14 percent of the respondents are of a different opinion. Support for the continuation of the ratification process fell by three percentage points while the number of people who are against the ratification
grew by six percent.

In a press interview three weeks ago, President Lech Kaczynski said he would not sign the treaty at this moment because the Irish rejection made it `pointless'. Earlier this week, he assured French president Nicolas Sarkozy in Paris that Poland would not be an obstacle in the ratification process.

According to the CBOS survey, sixty percent of Poles think that despite the problems with the adoption of the EU reform treaty and the so-called European constitution, EU members states should continue the integration process. Thirteen percent of respondents say that the integration process should be brought to a halt.

Sorce: Polskie Radio


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